The CAP Prize 2018

Revealed in March, Paul Botes, David Chancellor, Phumzile Khanyile, Tommaso Fiscaletti ​and N​ic Grobler, ​are four of the 25 finalists who are in line to win the 7th edition of the Contemporary African Photography (CAP) Prize.


Image: The Aftermath of the Marikana Massacre, Paul Botes


Initiated by Benjamin Füglister in 2012 the prize is directed at photographers whose work engages with the African continent or its diaspora. It consists of a series of exhibitions produced in collaboration with major photography festivals in Africa and the rest of the world.

The winner of this prestigious title receives global exposure at major international photography exhibitions such as at the I​AF Basel, a Festival for Contemporary Art​ in Basel, Switzerland.


Image: The Aftermath of the Marikana Massacre, Paul Botes


The other artists who have made the shortlist for the CAP Prize include:


Jenevieve Aken, Nigeria

Yassine Alaoui Ismaili, ​Morocco

Anna Boyiazis, ​USA

Baptiste de Ville d’Avray, P​ortugal

Ulla Deventer, ​Germany

Adji Dieye, ​Switzerland

Ralph Eluehike, ​Nigeria

Patricia Esteve, ​Kenya

Nneka Iwunna Ezemezue, ​Nigeria

Jonas Feige a​nd​ Yana Wernicke, Germany

Jason Florio, ​Malta

Akpo Ishola, ​Benin

Delio Jasse, ​Italy

Bas Losekoot, T​he Netherlands

Esther Mbabazi, ​Uganda

Venetia Menzies, ​Scotland

Amilton Neves Cuna, Mozambique

Gilles Nicolet, ​Tanzania

Nura Qureshi, K​enya

Michele Sibiloni, U​ganda

Eve Tagny, ​Canada


The five winners will be announced at P​hoto Basel International Art Fair​ in June 2018. The ​CAP Prize​ panel of judges comprises international experts from the field of photography and is changed annually.


Image: The Aftermath of the Marikana Massacre, Paul Botes


The judges on the 2018 CAP Prize panel includes John Fleetwood,​ curator and director of P​hoto Tool,​ South Africa, Lekgetho James Makola,​ director of M​arket Photo Workshop,​ South Africa and Aaron Yeboah Jr,​ designer and editor for African Lens,​ Ghana.

The C​AP Prize​ raises the winners’ international exposure and builds a high-level network for future projects. It is open to artists of any age and descent. Submitted photographic series must consist of a minimum of 10 to 25 images. There is no entry fee. The call to the ​CAP Prize​ 2019 opens on 7 November 2018 See their website at


Featured Image: CAP Prize 2017 Winner, Girma Berta, lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia