Innovative Island Home

A look at Lund Hagem Architects’ innovative island home located in the beautiful and remote islands of Norway

From Benoni with love

No idea is ever not worth exploring and most of all BE BRAVE. In furniture designer Neil Grantham's world, there are no rules

An Elevated Garden

How to create your own innovative elevated garden box or window planter box for your patio or interior

Resolving food challenges

Hannerie Visser, founder of Studio H food designers create unforgettable experiences and improve and preserve the future of food

Play-Doh Fun

London designer Stephen Johnson has come up with an ingenious colourful adhesive

The Empower Shack

A Khayelitsha shack has been shortlisted for a coveted architecture prize

Pages Of Time

A look at some of the world's most beautiful bookstores

The Bone Collector

If nature needed to grow a chair, Joris Laarman thinks he knows how it would look

One For All

Take a look inside the Cape Town art foundation that's rewriting all the rules
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