Designer Homes: The Wing House


Netflix dropped the first season of the 2017 show, The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes, this month. The first episode kicked off with iconic designer homes located in beautiful mountain ranges around the world.

The featured homes included a particularly innovative and captivating architectural development, the Wing House, designed by David Hertz FAIA & the Studio of Environmental Architecture.

The home is located in the hills on a 22-hectare property boasting panoramic mountain and ocean views of Malibu, California. The unique concept and execution of the design qualified it as a finalist for the 2016 the Architizer A+Awards, which is an annual awards program that celebrates the best architecture and products.

The inspiration behind the design was the architects imagining of a roof structure that would allow un-obstructed view of the mountain range and distant views. The homeowner also requested that the building be designed with curvilinear/feminine shapes.



The property consists of several structures which all include elements and pieces of a Boeing 747-200 aircraft. Both of the aircraft’s main wings feature on the main residence as roofing while two stabilisers from the tail section make up the master bedroom’s roof.

The property features an art studio building that is made up of a 15 metre long section of the upper fuselage as a roof, while the remaining front portion of the fuselage and upper first class cabin deck is used as the roof of the Guest House.

The lower half of the fuselage, which forms the cargo hold, forms the roof of the animal barn. The entire front of the airplane was transformed into a meditation pavilion and the cockpit windows form a skylight.

Several other elements from the aircraft were used creatively, for instance the engine cowling being was used to create fire pit and water element.



Featured Image:David Hertz FAIA & the Studio of Environmental Architecture