Lighting Trends


Ever changing design and décor trends are completely reworking the conventional idea that lighting accessories serve one sole purpose, illumination. Besides the fact that it highlights and showcases a rooms furnishings and accessories, lighting styles and function affect the way we perceive the interior of a room and the way we feel about it.

K Light Import is a leading lighting supplier that caters to every design and lighting need. Take a look at this insightful quick-fire Q & A with owner Eli Kalmi, on design trends, lighting trends and advice.


What can we expect in the coming year in terms of design and materiality when it comes to lighting design?

The trend is still crystals and glass pendants in different styles, with a smaller part of the market dedicated to Art Deco designs. Overall, there’s a lot of glass, metal, wood, recycled and mixed materials that are also being utilised.


What shapes do you predict will become more popular?

More organic, apple-shapes will be a favourite across the board, from pendant lights to furniture pieces and accessories.


What are the most important things to keep in mind when lighting a room?

Never forget the three types of lighting and how they engage with each other. Task lighting, such as track and overhead lighting, illuminates a space for functional purposes. Ambient lights, such as your chandeliers and wall-mounted units, provide overall coverage. Finally, accent lights, such as lamps and spots, focus on a specific area.


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