6 Quirky Ways To Furnish Your Garden

The design and style of your home should extend beyond the walls of your house. Adding antique furnishings, classic sculptures or other artworks and even the classic bird bath will transform your garden into a living space where you can entertain guests and enjoy spending time in. We came up with 6 quirky decorative ideas that you can implement in your garden.

Outdoor Bath/Shower

Outdoor baths and showers are one of the most coveted garden design features. Natural light, fresh air and incredible views, who wouldn’t want to take a shower while enjoying the sunrise or indulge in a warm bath under the stars.


Image: Cecilia Medina, Unsplash



Add comfort, warmth or even some romance to your garden with traditional lanterns, fairy lights or other colours and designs of decorative lights.


Image: Matheus Kohler, Unsplash


The Garden Swing

Garden swings are perfect to relax on while reading your favourite book or taking in the ambiance of your garden. Install a trendy swing on your patio or hang it from your biggest tree.


Image: Ben Rosett, Unsplash


Bright walls

Painting the interior of your garden walls a bright colour will add personality and create the perfect canvas to display the beautiful array of your flowers and plants.


Image: Cherry Laithang, Unsplash


Dining areas

Go a step further than the standard garden table and chairs. Create a platform in your outdoor space where you can add colour and luxurious textures like this Moroccan themed dining area.


Image: Annie Spratt, Unsplash


Wind Chimes

Although not for everyone, wind chimes create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden. Add a few modern designs to your garden or patio. Consider trending materials and shades like chrome, matte black or treated wood.


Image: Aiden Fang, Unsplash


Featured Image: Felipe Santana. Unsplash