Claire Winstanley on her food blogging success


The Summer 2017/2018 issue of Gourmet delves into the world of the trend setting food bloggers. Cape Town based freelance food stylist Claire Winstanley, took a few minutes off from being a food blog change-maker to share a few of her secrets to success.

Find a niche; which is video in my case. I really enjoy making fun videos to accompany

my recipes. It helps guide people through the recipe and entertains them at the same time.

Find the time to generate content and understand your readers and viewers. I’ve taken the quality over quantity approach when it comes to developing recipes, shooting and uploading to my website and YouTube channel. It’s vital to understand the type of people engaging with your content to distinguish what recipes people are after and what ideas they’re coming to you for – this helps guide the content you develop.

Genuinely love and live what you’re talking about.

Be an authority on your subject matter and be authentic, that way the content will resonate with an audience and keep them coming back.

Retaining an audience is one of the trickiest challenges, but one that keeps you pushing harder.

If you’re new to following YouTube channels, Tastemade is a great place to start. This channel curates an incredible collection of contributors from around the world who all love food and make great online video content. These are the guys truly setting the bar for online food shows. It’s not only beautiful and simple but relevant, informative and most importantly fun.

Most-hit recipe: my velvety rich double thick hot chocolate. I think hot chocolate is something anyone can appreciate at any time of the year. It’s decadent and delicious and I think the biggest reason for this recipe’s appeal is how simple and quick it is to make.claire-winstanley-edited-2


Instagram: claire_winstanley