Flawless Fusion

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Cooking is a great unifier. No matter the culture or the country – people get together to eat.

Cooking for large groups of people can however be daunting. Whether you are a professional chef or a busy mom cooking for your family – the process of cooking can often feel like a chore. Whirlpool believes that cooking should be an enjoyable experience and not just another thing on your ‘to-do’ list. That’s why Whirlpool’s innovative products are specifically designed to make life easier… not harder.

Whirlpool’s new AKZM 6560 IXL Fusion Oven features an array of powerful cooking functions, a generous cavity size and variety of easy-to-use interfaces to choose from – ideal for every kitchen and every chef. What really sets this powerful product apart from its competitors is the unique Cook3 function – which allows you to cook up to three separate dishes at the same time. The sophisticated convection system prevents flavors and aroma from mixing, preserving the unique taste of each dish. The combination of a powerful heating element and a unique airflow distribution system means you can now cook delicious meals in less time, while consuming less energy.

The AKZM 6560 IXL’s Ready to Cook option conveniently eliminates the need to pre-heat the oven, no matter what you are cooking and it does so without any compromise on cooking performance. A unique patented algorithm controls the powerful heating element, so your oven is ready to go whenever you are.  Not only does that save you up to 25% of your valuable time, it also uses up to 20% less energy. The controlled heating process also eliminates the risk of excessive browning – perfect for dishes that need gradual cooking for the best results. The large 4 Monochromatic LCD display ensures that you get all the information and feedback from the machine before, during and after usage.

Another feature that helps to take the guess work out of ensuring perfect cooking results every time is Whirlpool’s revolutionary 6th SENSE technology. Now you can now simply choose from 30 automatic recipes – developed with the help of professional chefs to determine the ideal functions –and the intelligent 6TH SENSE technology automatically controls the cooking process for consistently perfect results. The smart technology monitors the energy consumption, adjusts the cooking time accordingly and gives you constant feedback via the user-friendly display. 

As an added benefit, this oven offers exclusive iXelium nanotechnology which makes it easy to clean and resistant to scratching, yellowing and corrosion. ‘There should never be a trade-off between functionality and beautiful design,’ says Michelle Morrick, Marketing and Communications Manager at Whirlpool South Africa. ‘Whirlpool is focused on giving consumers exquisitely designed appliances with the durability and longevity that can match any industrial type cooking product.’

Find quick tips for delicious recipes at lovemywhirlpool.co.za. Shop Whirlpool’s state-of-the-art home technology at whirlpool.co.za.