Gourmet with an added touch of Aphrodisiac

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As Valentines Day 2018 arrives and we set up our final preparations for romance, Mediterranean Delicacies’ in-house chef, Brian Gomes, has shared his sublime list of  gourmet foods known for their aphrodisiac qualities. So in addition to the candlelight, music playlist and beautiful décor, consider adding some of these few items to your food menu.

Red Jalapéno Chillies

Capsaicin, the key ingredient that makes chillies hot, increases the heat in other areas too. This feisty component has many hidden charms such as the release of chemicals that can raise your heart rate and trigger those natural happy chemicals called endorphins, making you feel good whilst boosting your libido. These babies are perfect in salads or even as a pizza topping to add some zing to your meal.

Avocado Humus

Besides being a delicious addition to snack platters, avocados contain high levels of folic acid which helps metabolise protein, B6 and potassium. If you are wondering how this may serve you (and your love life), this translates to increasing male hormone production and regulating thyroid glands, two elements that increase libido in both men and women, according to soulmatefood.com. Served as an appetiser, like in an avocado humus or even combined as an ingredient in a salad dressing, you are sure to raise a smile or two with this gastronomic delight.

Avocado Edited

Basil Pesto

Aromatic basil is associated with arousal and has long been used by the fairer sex to attract men. The herb also boosts circulation and protects the heart, which helps to increase libido. Basil Pesto is a suitable ingredient to use when grilling fish or meat, or even as part of a salad dressing.


Grilled Asparagus

When it comes to catalysing the production of sex hormones (and sex drive in turn) in both men and women, asparagus is a definite go-to source. With its concentration of Vitamin E, known for stimulating the production of sex hormones in both sexes, this natural aphrodisiac can be served as part of your hors d’ oeuvres or even during the meal, keeping up the mood and the loving ambience.



Although the verdict is still out when it comes to the greater benefits of cooked vs raw celery, this vegetable has a long-standing use as a solution to impotence. This fairly regular vegetable packs a punch, containing nutrients which promote sexual and general health.

According to eatsomethingsexy.com there is some evidence which points to the scent of celery as suggesting androsterone, the primary male pheromone which plays an important role in heightening a man’s attractiveness to their mate. Use it to create an additional crunch in your salads or as the perfect crudités for the yummy MediDeli Caramalised Onion or Tzatziki dips at the start of the meal.


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