Resolving food challenges


Studio H is based in Cape Town and is known for events such as the Spier Secret Festival and Street Food Festival and the food zine publication and website, Chips!

After presenting their innovative Project S/ZOUT at the Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2017, Studio H attended Design Indaba 2018 where they wowed the public with their future forward ideas.

S/ZOUT envisions the future of food if the water used for agriculture is seawater. 69% of the world’s fresh water is used for agriculture. The project presents research into the edible properties and possibilities of seawater and sea salt to draw attention to the worldwide water problem that has reached crisis-level in the Western Cape in South Africa.


S/ZOUT is a collaboration project with Salt Farm Texel in the Netherlands. They have had great success over the last ten years growing crops using seawater irrigation. Thus far they have grown lettuce, cabbage, strawberries, potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.

Project S/ZOUT has produced ketchups, atchar, pickles and carrot candies. Studio H also had Africa’s first 3D food printer showcased as part of their exhibition.

Three quick questions with Hannerie:

Are the flavours of foods produced by the S/ZOUT Project and 3D food printer vastly different to ‘normal’ foods?

“No, it’s the same. Sometimes crops grown in seawater is actually a little sweeter as the plant compensates for the high salt content in the water and retains it’s natural sugars.

“With the 3D printer it tastes exactly like whatever you are printing with. Like this morning we printed butter sculptures for the launch breakfast for Business Insider at Design Indaba.”

What drew you into the food experiences industry?

“I grew up on a table grape farm and both my Mother and Grandmother were Home Economics teachers, so I have been surrounded by food all my life.

Share your favourite food experience/memory with us?

“I actually chatted to my brother about this recently for a book that I am working on and we discovered that we share the same childhood food memory: My late father’s waterblommetjie lamb potjie eaten with freshly baked potbrood.”


Images: Studio H