Discover: Take a sip of blue wine


The electric blue Gïk Live wine is said to be the next big thing in the beverages industry. Thought up and created by a group of revolutionary 20-somethings the wine is available for purchase in 25 countries thus far.

According to the company, the wine is with a combination of white and red grapes sourced from different Spanish and French vineyards. With no ageing procedure necessary they create a base with a mixture of red and white grapes that are then added to two organic pigments; indigo and anthocyanin. The pigments change the colour to a vibrant blue and make the wine sweeter and easier to drink.


On why they chose the colour blue Gïk shares that “the poetic idea of transforming a red ocean into a blue ocean through changing the most traditional red liquid into blue was one which greatly appealed to us.’

They also chose blue because in psychology blue represents movement, innovation and infinity and it is also a colour frequently associated with flow and change.


It is safe to say Gïk Live blue wine has taken the world by storm, despite the initial backlash more traditional wine connoisseurs in Spain who have described the wine as blasphemous.

However, according to the co-founders of the brand, “While drinking Gïk you are drinking innovation. You are drinking creation. You are breaking the rules and creating your own. You are reinventing traditions.” For a taste of sweet innovation and creativity, visit the online Gïk Live store.


Images: Gïk Live