3 Tips to live your best Còsagach inspired lifestyle in 2018


Warm, cosy and snug are all the feelings you need to experience in your home after a long day out on a cold day and during the winter months. This is the essence of Scotland’s latest lifestyle trend, Còsagach, an old Gaelic word repurposed by the country’s tourism body to inspire reminiscent relaxation and cosy feelings in visitors. Here we will share 3 tips to get the trendy comfort of Còsagach into your home in time for winter.


The shades and colours of your living space changes and affects your mood. Choose tones that create warmth and comfort for you and your loved ones during the autumn/winter months. Check out Plascon’s Inspired Colour System for creative colour ideas.



Soft throws decorating a sofa, warm and patterned rugs and a beautifully coloured tartan blanket, or two, surrounding the comfort of a lit fireplace all add to the Còsagach atmosphere. Take a look through @home’s blankets and throws and pick out one of the warm and luxurious velvet cotton quilts faux fur throw.

Warm Drinks

An important part of the Còsagach is taking some time out and indulging in a warm drink or a glass of your favourite gin or whisky in front of your the fireplace. Take a look at these five hot cocoa recipes that will be perfect for the occasion.


Images: còsagach_scotland