5 Water Saving Bathroom Devices


Cape Town’s infamous Day Zero, when the reservoir level reaches 13.5% and the city turns off all taps, has now been pushed back to June 4th 2018. This is due to the city receiving much needed rain in the past few weeks and a generous water donation from farm owned dams in the greater Western Cape area.

Despite the momentary respite, citizens are urged to continue saving water and keep the inevitability of day zero at bay. Take a look at this list of 5 water saving products to install in your bathroom.

The Hi Hippo one touch tap (water saving aerator), Greenlight

The one touch mechanism of the tap reduces the water flow of your existing taps to as low as three litres and saves 90% of water used in your basin.

Dry Planet Save A Flush, Faitful to Nature

It is an envelope filled with super absorbent polymers that would be placed on the bottom of the toilet cistern. Thee envelope absorbs water and reduces cistern capacity. It saves up to 7000 litres of water annually and lasts up to 3-5 years in high flush bathrooms.

Boa Water Pebble, Faithful to Nature

The Boa Water Pebble regulates your showers by monitoring the water flow and makes use of coloured lights to indicate the beginning, middle and end of your shower.

Low flow shower heads

Installing a multi-optional flow shower head, you can easily, adjust, cut and track your water usage.

Shower Timer, Sustainable

Global Power Solutions’ Purge shower timer activates and deactivates your water flow as you set it. After a 30-second running cycle the water flow stops, after which you can reactivate for another 30-second cycle. Tracking and saving your water usage.