A Heritage Apartment

Studium is a newly launched multi-disciplinary design office based in Jo’burg made up of a team of three – Korine Krüger, Georgina Cox and Sanet Stegmann. Together they will feature in Design Joburg’s Collaborative Roomsets following the theme: A Heritage Apartment.

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1. What are you planning for your collaborative roomset for Design Joburg? Much to our delight, we were given the brief to design a heritage apartment. Most people associate9 heritage within a European context, so we felt it necessary to interpret our own country’s heritage.

Incorporating subtle authentic patterns into a spatial context by simplifying much (mis)used African references, we aim to re-envision and create a considered space informed by the craft that surrounds us. Our intention is to create a space that captures our appreciation for pieces that defined the past and also inform current movements.

2. How would you describe the aesthetic of your design for the show? African modernism meets transitional contemporary narratives.

3. What are your forecasts for this year’s hottest looks and styles? Our forecasts are…
i) Products with purpose
ii) Sotsass pattern meets cast terrazzo
iii) Hand-craft meets modern materials

4. How do you define style? An unpretentious ability to allow context and culture to inform the visual details that shapes one’s experience of the world, be it in architecture, design or fashion.

5. Why should visitors to the show visit your feature? Design Joburg promises to be a well-curated fair thanks to the talented creative directors, Andrea Kleinloog and Megan Hesse, re-envisioning how design fairs are seen in the industry. That, along with the talented creatives involved, Design Joburg and all its stands will undoubtedly be worth visiting.

Why visit our stand? Our space will re-interpret and envision our contemporary view into African heritage and as such will be interesting to anyone who calls this continent home.

6. As a trio of creatives, how did your design process work? We are all creatively like-minded, which is why we decided to work together in the first place. Concepts get solved faster, we can tackle more creative design, while working on other projects simultaneously. And it’s fun for us to have three girls in the studio.

For more of Studium’s varied and impressive portfolio visit studiumdesignoffice.com. Design Joburg takes place at the Sandton Convention Centre, from 12-14 May 2017.

Photographs Courtesy of Studium