Bedroom Update

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A bedroom is a space that should grow as you do. 

Whether you hang framed pictures to newly painted walls or hanging plants against the backdrop of new curtains – your bedroom should carry your personal flair.

“A bedroom is a personal sanctuary. It needs to be the most comfortable room in your house where you can express yourself fully,” says Donovan Everitt, founder of Attica Beds.

The easiest and best way to update your bedroom is with colour.

If you have a strong personality type, dusky blues, spicy reds, and lime greens will catch your attention. 

Rugs are an essential. Photograph Pixabay

More composed personalities will lean towards traditional palettes like earthy greens and taupes. But if painting an entire room feels like too big a risk, opt for an accent wall. 

That way, you need only paint one wall that will still make the bedroom pop with colour.

Whether you prefer minimalist decor trends or cosier bohemian styles, you cannot go wrong with bedroom plants. Indoor plants purify the air and make for a healthy addition to your living space.

If you prefer your bedroom to look uncluttered and neat, the potted fiddle leaf fig or standard tall cacti will do the trick. However, if you like the artsy look of hanging plants, you can opt for an indoor ivy to cascade from your plant hanger.

“Indoor plants can add to the charm of a bedroom, but more importantly it can have a significant effect on your quality of sleep,” adds Everitt.

Your bedroom should carry your personal flair. Photograph PxHere

Rugs are an essential if you want to create a cosy, intimate space. Rug pairing can add even more to the warmth of your room. 

You can mix different patterns in the same colour family for a colourful option. But, if you are looking for a safer option you can always pair a solid with a pattern, which allows for more flexibility.