By the Book


Award-winning actress Diane Keaton has long been known for her devotion to design, as can be seen in any of her past houses. However, when Diane decided she wanted to build her dream home from the ground up, she turned to her friend director Nancy Meyers for help. Nancy, whose films are known for their impeccable set design, told her to look to Pinterest for fresh ideas.

In The House that Pinterest Built (SG Distributors, R990*), Diane documents the visual inspiration behind the brick-and-mortar end result.

Described as part ‘style guide, inspirational tome, and how-to volume on creating one’s home’ the book can act as a starting point for your own design journey or just provide a glimpse into the movie star’s life. Packed with beautiful images of Diane’s past homes and treasured objects, as well as new Pinterest discoveries – from airy living rooms to cluttered home libraries – there is something to appeal to every aesthetic.

Ultimately, its a book for those who love to look – what Diane calls her ‘choice of your choices’. You never know, you might even find one of your own pins in there.

* The House That Pinterest Built is available from all good bookstores nationwide.