Cape Nature

Arlo Mitchell of Greencube Landscapes and Gardens shares some key pointers on gearing a garden for rugged coastal conditions.

Look to nature for answers. Explore the endemic plants found in the vicinity of your garden and incorporate these. For the plant-clad boundary walls, we drew inspiration from many plant species clinging to crevices in granite boulders, such as Glauca, Eriocephalus, Tarchonanthus camphoratus, Sideroxylon inerme, Stapelia spp., Delosperma spp.

Expect some imperfections caused by prevailing winds and salt burn. Let nature sculpt things a bit.

Provide protection: group plants tightly, so that they can provide shelter for each other as they mature.

By cleverly adapting to its site, a European-style garden moulds to its ocean-side landscape. Read about it here.

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Photography Elsa Young