Coco Loco

French company, Élitis wows with its new and never-before-achieved collection of wall coverings, titled Coco Shells.

Made from the shells of fallen coconuts, the natural patterns and textures are layered in a unique mosaic. The range features four designs namely Visayas, Mindanao, Camarines and Palawan – all handcrafted using 100% coconut on polyester mesh backing to achieve a unique wallcovering, ideal for statement or feature walls either in a residential or commercial setting.

Under the sun of the archipelago, patience and meticulousness unite to give the craftsmen’s finest work. Beautiful, original and individually textured to suit a tailored interior, it’s a fine achievement from an innovatory textile brand.

‘Emotion can neither be added on nor imitated. It is the seed, the work of the flower.’ – Georges Braque

Coco Shells is available locally at St Leger & Viney. Visit to browse the collection.






Photographs Elitis, Courtesy of St Leger & Viney