Colour Therapy

Decorating legend and colour enthusiast Nicky Haslam has created his first range of paint colours. Here are the hues in the range.

1. Tiger’s Eye

‘Like the sheen on brown silk velvet, it’s a rich sort of yellow-brown.

2. Peridot

‘A masculine pink; it has a mineral quality to it that’s very flattering.’

3. Diorite

‘The feeling of grey flannel. It creates a soft, quiet sensation.’

4. Blue John

‘A violet-blue, which has a very relaxing quality for the eye.’

5. Feldspar

‘What I was aiming for here was that mossy, shimmering golden green you see on an oil slick on water.’

6. Agate

‘A cloudy, charcoal mauve. It’s like an eyeshadow colour.’

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Featured image Ben Quinton