Concept Rooms


Luxury outdoor furniture brand Mobelli Furniture + Living is making inroads with its new concept showroom. 

Conceptualised and curated by local interior designer Sam Lurie, the space houses individual “rooms” – chic interior vignettes that display the new collection in inspiring settings. 

Some of these trends include: Mid-Century Modern, Geometric, Mixed Materials and Simplicity, to name a few.

Lurie in collaboration with Alon Sachs, co-owner and founder of Mobelli Furniture + Living, styled and curated these 2018 international trends into individual decor concept rooms by packaging a complete interior look using fabrics, indoor furniture pieces, flooring and lighting to create a “walk-in room to view”.

“Our concept rooms are Sam’s interpretation of several trends for 2018, incorporated in one space. The results are absolutely extraordinary. Imagine having your very own interior decorator at your fingertips, these concept rooms indirectly gives you that unique opportunity. It allows clients to simply walk in to ‘shop the look’, a trend largely used in the fashion industry,” says Alon Sachs. 

The rooms, painted in rich shades of blue, green and grey consist of beautifully designed, Italian-styled furniture, specifically designed to be contemporary yet timeless. 

The space currently features artwork by Michaela Rinald and Susan Rood; a selection of contemporary rugs and a range of tastefully designed chandeliers, all specially sourced to complement each area and achieve a cohesive, coordinated look.

Of the furniture Sachs says some of its features include sofas and chairs that have been especially made to complement and add finesse; all of which are meant for comfort and leisure. 

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