Dig In

We get the low-down on planting, growing and maintaining a bulb and grass garden from Fairholme owner Duncan Henderson.

1. Dig over the ground in late summer and leave fallow for about six weeks for early winter weeds to germinate. Dig over again just before planting.  

2. Aim to start planting in late autumn (May).  

3. Each bulb type is only cut back after it has dried out and scattered its seed.  

4. The Aristida grass is cut back in mid-winter after flowering.  

5. Once planted, do careful weeding and no digging.  

6. Fertilise with 3-2-1 in the spring, and again after the main flush of flowering at the end of November.  

7. Water twice weekly. 

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An array of ornamental grasses in the grass garden
Stipa gigantica and Myrtus communis hedges

Photography Heidi Bertish