Distill Motion

Cape Town’s SMITH Studio, a leading gallery in the city that consistently features new works by a broad range of artists, is currently showing ‘distill motion‘, a collection of paintings, prints, photographs and even a musical score…

Featuring artworks by Sepideh Mehraban, Emma Kielczynska, Karen Cronje and Madeline Groenewald, the show explores the complications and creative prospects that occur when an artist attempts to capture a moment in time. Each artist has taken an idea, object or invention and broken it down to create new meaning. In each piece, the process has been superimposed with the finished work; viewers can look for evidence of the artists’ own interferences within the finished piece.

As with its ethos, SMITH Studio aims to make art accessible to art lovers and collectors, while also demystifying aspects of an often complex art world. Similarly, ‘distill motion’ brings together a number of pieces that are accessible to a varied audience, while encouraging artists to make a statement not just on their subject matter, but their creative process and the artwork’s final outcome too.

Distill motion is currently showing at SMITH Studio, 56 Church Street Cape Town, until 19 August 2017. For more information visit smithstudio.co.za.

Emma Kielczynska ‘Presence’ 2017, Monotype on cotton paper, 87 x 67cm

Emma Kielczynska ‘Light I’ 2017, Installation with embossed reflective glass beads on cotton paper, 70 x 46cm

Sepideh Mehraban ‘Palimpsest VII’ 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 60 x 40cm

Sepideh Mehraban ‘Palimpsest VIII’ 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 60 x 40cm

Featured artwork Sepideh Mehraban ‘Palimpsest VI’ 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 143 x 110cm