Fragmented Memory

Goodman Gallery is proud to introduce Fragmented Memory, an exhibition by Mounir Fatmi.

In this exhibition, Paris-based multimedia artist Mounir Fatmi examines cultural objects that captured his imagination from his childhood – all of which he was forbidden from touching. During the show, Fatmi takes these object as a beginning point of his work in order to show the audience how a few elements of his culture have shaped his artistic research, aesthetic choices, as well as his entire career.

‘Through these objects, I draw a direct relationship to language, to memory and to history in this show, because, for me, these three elements depend on one another: without language, there is no memory and with no memory, there is no history.’ Mounir Fatmi

Fragmented Memory also features new work tackling the concept of a collective national memory, such as The Visible Side of the King, a photographic series which explores myths that we project onto history. The work looks at the year 1953, during Morocco’s colonisation by France and Spain, when Moroccans reported seeing the face of King Mohammed V on the moon.

Mounir Fatmi was born in Morocco and he currently lives and works between Paris and the city of his birth. He has had solo exhibitions at museums across Europe as well as Turkey and Morocco and has participated in group shows at well-renowned institutions worldwide.

The exhibition will take place at Goodman Gallery Joburg from 25 May – 1 July 2017. For more information contact or visit

Mounir Fatmi

The Visible Side Of The King

Roots 01 – Triptych

Featured image The Blind Man Photographs Courtesy of Goodman Gallery