Furniture to Flaunt

Johannesburg-based interior designer Ashleigh Harrington has crafted a collection of bespoke furniture influenced by the simple, clean lines of Scandinavian design and modern minimalism. Presented under her label, Flaunt, the distinctive, hand-made pieces stand out for their strong geometric forms, contrasting textures and subtle detailing, underpinned with a hint of nostalgia.

1. When was Flaunt founded and what made you start your own furniture line?
As a student I found myself designing lights, chairs and jewellery along with other things I thought to be trending at the time. I was fortunate enough to have parents who could fund these crazy ideas at the time. I reached a point in December 2015 where my day job had required less of my time than normal – a friend suggested that I take a leap of faith, design a couple of products and see where it takes me. One month later I invited my friends over for wine and a viewing of the products I had designed. A full list and sketches were given to them to write comments and criticisms. Six months later in June 2016 I officially launched Flaunt Concepts to the public.

2. What is it about clean, ‘Scandi-inspired’ design that inspires you the most?
To follow the minimalist principles is to consider everything. Materials, finishes, details, flat design, divine proportion and most importantly to refine any design to an aesthetic that relates to the theory that ‘less is more’ The end result is that the product always speaks for itself. The product becomes grandeur and to watch people marvel at the details is my biggest inspiration.

3. Who or what has been your biggest influence in creating these pieces?
The attraction to design, be it fashion, jewellery, product, or architectural design that is appealing to me. These designs and details leave an imprint in my mind and I try to create an aesthetic that is visually striking but still pertains to my design theory.

4. What is your favourite item or piece of furniture to design?
I find that I design shelves quite often. But anything that can house or flaunt clothing items, seems to be particularly intriguing to me.

5. Who do you have to thank for your very particular design taste?
I’m going to go with genetics on this question. My parents are down to earth, grounded individuals, with really great taste. Not particularly my taste, but great taste none-the-less.

6. What do you have planned for the brand next?
Flaunt Concepts just celebrated its one-year anniversary. I’m planning on releasing new products to add to the existing collection. I can’t give too much away but the new products focus’ on a very particular area in the living space.

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Featured image Annalize Nel