Future Classic

It makes complete sense that kitchen accessories brand aThought founder Michelle Asbury’s favourite room is, indeed, her kitchen, which is every bit as elegant as she is.

‘I like authenticity in people and things,’ says Michelle Asbury. After years of running her own recruitment company, she is a good judge of the former. It’s only more recently, however, that she found expression for her love of the other with aThought, a range of beautifully handcrafted kitchenware. ‘I wanted to tap into something creative,’ she says of the transition to design. ‘To make original products that will last.’

This ethos is reflected in her Hyde Park home, which serves as backdrop for her collection of art and furniture. Some pieces are inherited, others collected, but all showcase Michelle’s eye for craftsmanship. The synergy of modern and classic is also present in the kitchen, Michelle’s favourite room in the house. Designed by friend and architect Minky Lidchi, it overlooks the rose garden with informal dining and seating areas for easy family living. The clean lines of the space echo aThought’s aesthetic. A mix of inherited china and modern ceramics are displayed on the open shelves and the two freestanding cupboards. ‘I see no point in storing one’s beautiful things away,’ she says.

The classic blue-and-white palette of the space is enlivened by copper pots, while Michelle’s own range of boards and trays are also present. Much like her products, Michelle’s kitchen also seems destined to become a ‘feature for life’, which her family will enjoy for years to come. 

Shop the elegant kitchenware at athought.co.za.

aThought stocks a range of kitchen accessories and small pieces, such as aprons, cutting boards and caddies

Michelle Asbury in her Johannesburg home

Photography Annalize Nel