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Two features of living in Johannesburg stand out more than almost any other. The first, strikingly, is the abundance of trees – greater Jo’burg is reputed to have more of them, indigenous and foreign, than any other city in South Africa. The second is an inescapable focus on a vigorous social life: Gauteng residents are enthusiastic about entertaining and seem to make new friends out of first-time visitors as fast as they’re introduced.

Combining these two elements has come easily to the new owners of a residence in Fourways Gardens, a country-style development north of the city. Their home revels in its tranquil spaces and rural setting. Recreate two of the home’s rooms with our product guide.

Designer notes

‘This home relies on its pared-down, muted tones to create a sense of serene cohesion,’ says interior decorator Yvonne O’Brien. ‘Cream, oatmeal and stone pieces in natural fibres of wood and cotton perfectly complement the house’s verdant surroundings.’

‘I wanted the house to feel refined and elegant, without losing the warmth and comfort of a well lived-in home’ – Yvonne O’Brien

On arrival

A curated corner of the entrance hall inspires instant tranquillity.

1. Textured ‘Nguni’ beads, R1 295, Weylandts
2. ‘Restoration’ table in oak, R30 650, The Private House Company
3. Monique’ porcelain vase, R995, Weylandts
4. Paul Edmunds ‘Fan’ linocut, R39 900, Robert Sherwood Design

Weekend entertaining

The terrace of this Johannesburg home echoes its neutral interior scheme in hues of stone, grey and cream.

5. ‘Scribble Design’ cushion, R395, Weylandts
6. Naturals ‘BF10’ Bast Fibre rug, R4 200 per square metre, Fibre Designs
7. ‘Doma’ armchair in stone linen, from R5 860, The Private House Company
8. ‘Cleopatra’ bedend in light grey, R4 695, Block & Chisel
9. Wire Metal coffee table in black, R2 500, MrP Home
10. ‘Tali’ basket, R1 995, Block & Chisel
11. ‘Grain’ fabric in Black on Latte, R590 per metre, Design Team

Featured image The dark lines of the door frame provide a dramatic counterpoint to the sand and stone hues of the entrance Photography Elsa Young