In Good Light

PG SmartGlass X2™ is the new range of double-glazed glass that is engineered to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Let There Be Light

The amount of light that fills a room can either make or break the space, creating mood, illuminating decor and encouraging a sense of wellbeing. The spectrally selective coating on PG’s double-glazed PG SmartGlass X2™ range allows in over 70 percent of natural light but rejects 99 percent of damaging UV light, which is responsible for fading furniture and art.

Blow Hot & Cold

PG SmartGlass X2™ also effectively reflects up to 86 percent of solar heat. This means that rooms can be completely illuminated in the day without the discomfort of it becoming boiling hot. On colder days the opposite is true; as the exterior temperature drops below that of the interior, the double-glazing acts as an insulator and retains heat, unlike normal glass that can lose up to 40 percent of the room’s warmth through conduction.

Not a Peep

The unique polyvinyl butyral laminate that can be added to all PG SmartGlass X2™ glass panes comes with the added benefit of noise cancellation. This type of treated glass cancels out almost half the amount of exterior sound, making for a relaxed and more peaceful environment.

Safe & Sound

In PG SmartGlass X2™, a high-strength polyvinyl butyral laminate can be added to one of the two panes of bonded glass for added security. The damage-resistant laminate can withstand repeated physical blows and it also prevents the glass from splintering in the unlikely event that it breaks.

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