Instagram has fast become the social media platform for the creative, the ambitious and, naturally, the foodie. Any meal with food bloggers or foodgrammers doesn’t begin before stylised snaps are taken. Follow our six favourite foodgrammers for delicious inspiration, and the unique way they use food to tell a story.

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Desserted in Paris

Patissier and graphic designer Tal Spiegel is bringing together food and fashion with the aid of his extensive shoe collection and the prettiest pastries in Paris. Every day, Tal seeks out and photographs a different edible masterpiece and juxtaposes it against his highly colourful footwear. With over 60 000 followers, it goes without saying that Tal’s unique and vibrant combinations are a visual feast. Follow @desserted_in_paris

The Truffle Journal

After entering MasterChef SA, Melissa Delport found her niche in the food photography industry. Having a love for all things edible, Melissa is only too happy to spend her days travelling and sampling cuisine from all over the world. With her Instagram account, she evokes emotion and awakens memories through her food stories. Beautifully curated and full of variety, Melissa’s Instagram will make anyone hungry. Follow @trufflejournal

‘The local @ozcfarm provides great material’

Nikki Albertyn

Self-taught chef and trained designer, Nikki Albertyn is one of our favourite local food stylists and designers. With an impeccable eye for design, Nikki is a multitalented individual who is quickly making her way up the foodie ladder. She previously worked as a multimedia designer in Cape Town and now co-owns the online-based patisserie studio LionHeart. Saturated in pastel colours and minimalist style, Nikki’s Instagram showcases the best of her sweet and sugary creations. Follow @nikkialbertyn

‘Nothing beats creating something you love’

Symmetry Breakfast

Every day, London-based Michael Zee posts a single Instagram photo showcasing the breakfast he makes for himself and boyfriend Mark van Beek, all in perfect symmetry. From being an educational officer, Michael has now turned his hobby into a lucrative career with over half a million followers on Instagram and a book deal. What started as simple breakfast in bed has grown into a project that incorporates food, culture and design aesthetics inspiring foodies around the world. A curated collection of Michael’s breakfasts and recipes can be found in his debut cookbook SymmetryBreakfast: Cook Love Share, available at Exclusive Books. Follow @symmetrybreakfast

‘The highlight of breakfast is a cup of milky tea’

Christine Flynn

Executive chef of Toronto’s iQ Food Co., Christine Flynn’s satirical Instagram gives Michelin-star plating a junk-food makeover. With food styling that could appear on any fine dining establishment’s menu, Christine pokes fun at the art of plating by using ingredients such as Doritos, Kinder Surprise eggs and Rice Krispies. Paired with her all-caps, comical narration, she has gained over 130 000 followers and has won the hearts of both chefs and food aficionados alike. Follow @chefjacqueslamerde

Gretchen Roëhrs

Although we have always been taught not to play with our food, for artist Gretchen Röehrs, doing exactly that has made her into a budding Instagram star. The San Francisco-based designer’s Instagram is a catwalk display of fashionable mini-portraits starring seasonal California produce as the clothing. Starting out studying fashion, Gretchen now does user-experience design. With the combination of her fashion and tech skills it’s no wonder she has found her true calling in Instagram. Follow @groehrs

‘I’m inspired by the produce grown in California, where I live. It’s impossible not to be inspired by the shapes and colours’