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In the second of our series of profiles on the New Creatives, we sit down with Navarre Ebersohn and Lumar Fourie – the talent behind avant-garde furniture studio Luvarre in Pretoria.

How did you guys start Luvarre?

We have been business neighbours for a couple of years, but only realised it a few months ago. I was on the lookout for factory space for my company, which produces custom concrete products, when I stumbled upon Navarre’s design studio. With our expertise combined it was a recipe for success.

‘The Light in Shining Armour’ lamp beside ‘The Observer’ chair

Your designs have a particularly industrial feel, with an honest expression of material – what made you take this route?

The multidisciplinary background of our studio gives rise to that industrial feel. We experiment with unorthodox combinations to showcase the true potential of the materials used. Our ‘The Juggler’ desk comprises six different materials.

‘The Juggler’ office desk

When it comes to materials, which inspires you most?

Concrete is certainly one that we use the most because of its versatility, durability and economy. The possibilities with concrete are limitless, but it must be complemented by other materials such as leather, brass, steel and wood. We like to experiment with unusual material combinations, and the challenge is to combine all of these in an ergonomic and functional design.

‘The Jack’ chair

What is the Luvarre manifesto?

Our design ethics are to bring detail back to furniture design, only to use the highest quality materials, and that there shouldn’t be a ‘best side’ to our products. In short, no superficial designs. After all, we are aiming to create pieces that will last a lifetime.

Photographs Annalize Nel 

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