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When shopping for a new bed, there are certain factors to take into consideration, like the size, comfort level, firmness and budget.

But there’s also the issue of bounce rate. If you’re going to be using your mattress for other activities (wink, wink) besides sleeping, bounce is very important, especially if your bed plays an integral part in keeping things spicy behind closed doors.

According to Joe Auer, blogger and editor of Mattress Clarity, there are 5 things to consider when choosing a mattress specifically for knocking boots.

These are:


Most people agree that a bouncier mattress is better for sex. It’s fair to say that generally, the bouncier the better.

Lack of noise

Depending on your home situation, this may be a very big criteria, especially if you have roommates or children.

Ease of movement

Having a mattress that is easy to move around on is preferable.

Edge support

A mattress with poor edge support can be limiting and can mean certain parts of the bed are off limits in order to have an enjoyable experience.


This is a given for any situation. An uncomfortable mattress can also get in the way of “spoiling” things.

Bounce is an all-important factor. Photograph Pixabay

The advice doesn’t stop there. The type of mattress is critical as well, according to The Sleep Advisor.

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They note that there are 3 types of materials that make the best options.

Memory Foam

Memory foam has been the go-to material for many mattress manufacturers, but there is the drawback of it having little bounce rate. The plus side though is that it’s very quiet.


Latex has a high bounce rate, and it’s because of this, many people tend to go for this option. Another bonus is that it offers great edge support and doesn’t make much noise.


Superior responsiveness and great bounce, innerspring mattresses do however come with the downside of being extremely noisy.

Memory foam. Photograph Wikimedia Commons