Made To Fit

With an ever-expanding range of pattern, size and finish, tiles offer unmatched variety and versatility for every room. Decor assistant Jen Gough brings you up-to-date with the latest tiling trends – and products to match.

Fresh Hues

Photograph: Courtesy of Summer House

Cool colours often represent serenity and when used in a home can create an air of calm. For a spa-like feel, consider incorporating a sea of soft blues, greens and whites into the space, or for a rich, luxurious look decorate with dark, powerful Prussian blue and emerald green. Conversely, all-white will create a highly modern, clean atmosphere. Be sure to consider the size of the space, too – these hues can make a room appear larger and more refined and therefore work well in smaller spaces.

1. Recer ‘True-05’ Glazed Ceramic Tile, R525 per square metre, Ferreiras

Lounge ‘Hexagon Linen’ tiles, R329.99 per sheet, Tile Africa

‘Cobolto’ Glossy Porcelain Mosaic Tiles, R24.90 per sheet, CTM

Earth Tones

Photograph: Courtesy of Italtile

Tiles can provide an effective way to bring an outdoors feel into a home. With a wide range of colours and textures, earthy tiles can make a room seem rustic and cosy or modern and sophisticated. Pair rich, muddy reds and oranges with neutral creams for a diverse colour palette that doesn’t overwhelm.

‘Tiffany’ Decor Tiles in grey, R534.66 per square metre, Womag

‘Wave Blanco Brillo’ Gloss Glazed Ceramic Tile, R279 per square metre, Italtile

Douglas Jones ‘Autumn Hexagon’ tiles, from R348.60 per sheet, Natural Stone Warehouse

Bright and Bold

Photograph: Courtesy of Heath Ceramics

Tiles no longer only act as a neutral canvas for a room’s interior design. Create feature walls and accent pieces with vibrant colours and unexpected patterns to amp up a plain interior. Experiment with textures and shapes such as mosaics that add a vintage feel to a modern home, or play with linear in bold hues to create a sleek, contemporary look.

‘Heritage Mix’ Multicoloured Tile, R534.66 per square metre, Womag

Douglas Jones ‘Puzzle’ Tiles in Positano, from R142.50 per sheet, The Tile House

Geo Decor Blue Ceramic Tile, from R139.99 per square metre, Norcros

Feature image Courtesy of Summer House