Marking a Milestone

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‘Three decades dedicated to excellence in crafting and styling interiors is certainly a wonderful accomplishment and we wanted to mark it with something symbolic,’ says Block & Chisel founder Lynn McAdam. In celebration of its 30th birthday year, Block & Chisel’s logo comes to life, marking its continuous strides to creating timeless interiors. 

Master craftsman Sibley McAdam first introduced the dalmatian into Block & Chisel’s logo 10 years ago, through a painting he created. ‘The logo design shows our dalmatian seated on a tasseled cushion, wearing a crown. He is facing forward but looking back, a nod to Block & Chisel’s brand philosophy: inspired by the past, handcrafted for the future.’

The dalmatian was highly prized for its unique beauty and easy, loyal temperament. The breed has a historic relationship with royalty, when dalmatians acted as companions to their owners and were often seen trotting alongside the horse-drawn carriages of their masters and mistresses. As gun-dogs, the dalmatian is fearless; steadfast in the face of uncertainty and loyal to a fault. Coupled with its beauty, the dalmatian symbolises the values which have guided Block & Chisel through the past three decades.

‘As a brand we aspire to enable our clients to surround themselves with beautiful objects. We believe that a home can be luxurious, whilst being comfortable to live in and most importantly should be a place where memories are made with the ones you love,’ says Paul McAdam, Managing Director of Block & Chisel. ‘You’ll be seeing a little more of this beautiful creature as we look forward to sharing another 30 years of excellence with our clients,’ he concludes.

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Photography Bruce Boyd