Exploring Alternative Living Spaces


With technology and innovation drastically transforming the way we work and the way we live on a daily basis, alternative and modern living and workspaces are becoming a more prevalent option.

Although the trend is not currently overwhelmingly present in South Africa, new housing concepts such as luxurious homes made with shipping containers and tiny homes comfortably created in caravans, are potential viable and affordable housing solutions.

Take a look at this interview with Howard Dunbar, a tiny house builder in Cape Town, by Tiny Homes South Africa. He talks about his work including a gypsy caravan, shepherd’s hut and a micro pod.

There are many and more advance international examples available of luxury tiny mobile homes.

Minimaliste Ebene Tiny House Tour

Tiny House Tour by Tiny House Trends (THT Vids)

Featured Image: Minimaliste Houses (minimalistehouses.com)