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Model Behaviour

A look inside ex-supermodel Cindy Crawford's home



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Model Behaviour
Model Behaviour

The great thing about social media is that it gives us an intimate look into celebrity lives.

It’s even better when they post an image to Instagram of their homes.

Ex-supermodel Cindy Crawford recently did this with an Instagram post of her relaxing in her bathtub, captioning it: “Bathtub reading and relaxing — hoping to do more of this in the new year. Check out my stories all week long to see my 2018 intentions…”

Her eagle-eyed followers did, however, notice another photograph – one presumably of her partially submerged underwater in what looked to be a similar bathtub.

Crawford is known for sharing behind-the-scenes snaps of her Malibu home, and even recently invited Vogue into her home for their 73 Questions series.

Her fans were given all-access tour of the sprawling house, including her open-plan family room and kitchen.

But what impressed us the most is her eye for decor, choosing to bathe her home in natural light and neutral tones.

Featured photograph Wikimedia Commons