Paper Shaper

Bound by a love for design, Robin Sprong’s Cape Town-based wallpaper studio is making waves on the international scene, due in part to its collaborative approach to creativity.

Being exposed to the arts from a young age meant Robin Sprong had little doubt of his own career path. Starting out as a self-taught photographer and fuelled by a need to make a dent in the Cape Town art scene, it was an introduction to digital printing that brought him to a life of design. ‘I fell in love instantly, largely with its immersive capabilities. Why print a picture when you can print a wall?’ he says.

Robin Sprong Wallpaper was launched in 2006, and within the first year garnered industry attention. What sets the work apart, then and now, is a focus on creative collaboration and artistic nurturance. The studio is a small but global team of 13 designers, largely Cape Town-based. ‘Allowing young designers to create bespoke pieces in their own style instils an environment of creative synergy. Just as the wallpaper tells a room’s backstory, artists are allowed to share their stories, too.’

From the Woodstock studio, Robin and his team brainstorm, draw, commission, collaborate and print these expansive murals. Participating in fairs like Heimtextil, FESPA Hamburg and Casa Decor engenders international traction, with acclaimed artists Vladimir Tretchikoff and Walter Battiss inspiring collections. A browse through the current catalogue uncovers a mix of organic forms, leaves and flowers foiled by textures of concrete and natural stone. Paula Pappenheim, Patricia Bruane, Sarah Corynen and Renée Rossouw are among those who have designed recent ranges, while interior designers such as Stephen Falcke and John Jacob often work with the brand. Each atmospheric piece, each meticulous design, is a story of joy and passion.

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The Ignasi Bonjoch stand at Casa Decor 2017 in Madrid featured wallpaper by Robin Sprong Wallpaper

Photograph Courtesy of Robin Sprong