Q&A With Designer João Matias

Maisonkoi Towel Ring 1.jpg

Luxury bathroom brand Maison Valentina has just expanded the KOI Collection. 

In celebration of the expansion, designer João Matias answers a few questions.

Describe the creative process behind these new pieces. 

The creative process is all based on the concept of the brand and its identity, our main focus went through escaping the cross-design that has been done in the past using other brand’s style pieces, but at the same time trying not to escape the Maison Valentina identity and its luxury authenticity. 

Koi soap dish

What materials were used in this collection? 

Besides the materials we have the shapes, the shape potentiates the raw material, in this case we use the famous and ostentatious marble, which is partly worked by hand, then we go to the encounter of Victorian forms with the timeless ornaments using on them several colours in this case we have used black with different shades of brightness.

Koi washbasin

Which is the piece that for you stands out the most? Why?

It would be the Petra Washbasin. Because it is a bold product that does not fall far from the brand’s language and is possible to see our materials that identify the brand and that go along with our client’s expectations.

Koi towel ring

There is a lot of new pieces of the KOI Collection. Did you feel that the KOI Collection was incomplete? 

That’s why you choose KOI instead of others? I think all collections are not yet complete, we are working on this, the brand is recent and we haven’t had enough time to close each collection from start to finish. Our goal is that each product line has its own set of that will contemplate an entire bathroom environment, in this case we have started with the collection KOI.

Ella puff

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