Reimagined Fantasy

Doha Hotel.jpg

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has pushed the boundaries with his latest creation.

The award-winning interior design studio was tasked of designing the interiors of Doha’s Mondrian hotel.

Using mismatched patterns and oversized furnishings, their design choices have been called somewhat eccentric.

Examples of their work include columns adorned with golden eggs, intricate mosaic walls and giant bell-shaped lights.

The hotel brought Wanders on board because they envisioned a “fantasy-like environment” for the 5-star hotel.

Located in Doha’s West Bay Lagoon neighbourhood, the hotel houses up to 270 rooms, eight restaurants and bars, and a 2,000 square-metre ballroom.

The inspiration behind Wanders’ vision was traditional Arabic patterns and the imagery depicted in One Thousand and One Nights – a collection of centuries-old folk stories from the Middle East. 

“For the design of Mondrian Doha and everything we do, locale is super important. To create the hotel, we studied the city and we studied the people,” he told Dezeen.

“Conceptually, we have married local culture with a modern design aesthetic. While many themes are collectively layered throughout the hotel, each individual space tells its own tale.”

Well known for his maximalist aesthetic, Wanders previously created chocolate-inspired interiors for a hotel in Zurich, and filled guest accommodation in Amsterdam with objects that reference the Dutch Golden Age.