The Alchemist

When Outrage of Modesty first opened in Cape Town’s Shortmarket Street, no one could deny the flurry of foodie interest. In its chic and oozingly sophisticated interiors, the never-before-experienced philosophy sought to redefine the city’s cocktail culture.

With each meticulously thought out creation, flavour is given highest prize; taste, but also smell and tactile senses are considered too. The intimate venue offers a changing menu, altered and in keeping with Cape Town’s seasons. Inspired by Tokyo-born photographic maestro, Nobuyoshi Araki, and introducing prolific cocktail genius, Greg Seider, the new offering at Outrage of Modesty is simply dazzling.

Seider, visiting Cape Town from New York, brings with him a belt of knowledge, intricate flavour nuances and magical new techniques, now passed down to sous barman Marius Botha. Expect new school takes on old school favourites, like ‘Old Dog New Tricks’, ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’, and ‘The Reach Around’, all a testament to a career spent going against the grain.

Homemade spices, intricate infusions and a purist’s knowledge of fresh, rich flavours, results in an incredibly tasty (and tasteful) menu of cocktails – where originality and mindful alchemy are key.

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Outrage of Modesty is located at 88 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town. Reservations can be made online at or via email For more information visit

Photography Andy Lund, Courtesy of Alliance Brands Limited