Turning Lives Around

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“Changing lives is a passion of mine; there is magic in coming together with someone who wants to turn their life around,” explains Nikki Lomba, who has established her own charity foundation.

On returning home to Cape Town after living abroad for a few years, she was concerned with the homeless crisis in the Mother City that became alarmingly worse.

This lead to her offering her assistance to an NGO and, without planning to, establishing the Nikki Lomba Foundation.



Today she works with a group of young boys who were living on the streets and in shelters and uses soccer (as well as one-on-one meetings) as a way to connect.

“Success can be seen in that most of the players are now working in jobs and, ironically, don’t have time for soccer practice and matches, wishing to rather get together and focus on sustaining their progress.”

You can also spot her in the Bo-Kaap, where she takes care of vulnerable children in and around the informal settlement ‘the Kraal’ that is notorious for gangsterism, drugs and prostitution.



“I would like to try prevent the next generation of children from succumbing to their environment, and carrying on this perpetual cycle”.

Contact Nikki on 082 373 7711 if you want to help



Photography Karl Rogers