Bathroom Basics

Design, functionality and trends influence the constantly evolving bathroom space and all of us at Condé Nast House & Garden, are here to keep you up to date with the latest tips and trends. Take a look at this list of things to consider before transforming your bathroom into your personal sanctuary with the latest products.


Site Conditions

Water pressure is a very important factor, which determines the suitability of shower products. With a low water pressure in the bathroom, it is not recommended to install shower products with large shower faces – a big overhead shower would not perform at its best with a weak water pressure. Consider showerheads with smaller nozzles, to ensure the optimal performance of shower products.


Space Constraints

We all love spacious and luxurious bathrooms, especially if they are fitted with a large bathtub for a rejuvenating soak after a long day at work – however, in reality, this may be quite a challenge.

Space-saving bathroom products do not necessarily mean compromising the showering experience in terms of design or technology. Smart space-saving bathroom products are available on the market, like the hansgrohe RainSelect, allowing you to embrace space constraints to create beautiful and minimalist bathroom solutions.




Homeowners should also consider the water efficiency of the products to reduce unnecessary wastage of water, with frequency of water usage in their daily lives as well as the upcoming water price increase.



At the same time that homeowners opt for functional shower products, they are increasingly considering those with great design in creating their bathroom space. Shower products with both design and functionality are not that difficult to find and need not be exclusively independent.



Authenticity and Warranty of Bathroom Products

Purchasing locally from manufacturers or their authorised dealers would mean that their bathroom products have received the required approval from local authorities.

Being careful of where one purchases bathroom products is not only to ensure the authenticity of the products but also to enjoy the product warranty provided by manufacturers.


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