Tips For Tiny Bathrooms


Getting all your accessories and necessities to fit in a tiny bathroom and still keeping it super neat and classy could prove a major challenge. Additionally, the design and set up of your bathroom directly affects its functionality. To help your avoid predicaments where discomfort and clutter creep in, here are a few tips to give your tiny bathroom a more spacious feel.


Size Does Matter

In a limited space, having a small and sleek shower and bath space that seamlessly fits in with your bathroom walls will create an inviting atmosphere and a give your bathroom a larger feel. Try a built in bath with glass panelling for a shower or an open plan shower space.

Multi-purpose Bathroom Sinks

Even though size matters and tiny spaces call for smaller accessories, adding a larger sink to your bathroom that could work as additional storage or a side table could resolve the space issue.


Image: Lavo Bathroom Concepts



Sleek and compact storage spaces for your bathroom will keep the look elegant and neat. Try installing items like this silver oak double bathroom vanity by Chilli-b.


Image: Chilli-b


The lighting in your bathroom creates atmosphere, affects your living experience and mood. A great idea is to have large windows filling your bathroom with natural light; this makes the space feel open and larger. Low watt lights create a spa feel in your bathroom and decorative wall lights will add an exotic vibe.


Image: Illumina


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Large wall mirror’s in the bathroom add a streamlined finish and a modern touch to your design. Consider this sleek and elegant look created by Glass & Design.


Image: Glass By Design


Featured Image: Elsa Young