Stylish Headboard Designs

This year’s bedroom design trends are about creating rooms that feature décor and designs that can be experienced with each of our 6 senses. Using natural and matte materials, playful colours, patterned accessories, adding a touch of nature with beautiful indoor plants and, last but not least, a dramatic attention drawing headboard whether deep-buttoned or luxuriously upholstered, these are all the design ideas you should consider implementing in your home. To help you out, we found a few stylish headboard designs to help you transform your bedroom space.


Give you headboard a new lease on life by reupholstering it with a simple yet classic material or a material with a vibrant pattern and colour.


Modern Wood

Adding wooden headboard is the perfect décor idea to bring a sense of natural comfort into your bedroom.  You could mount a sleek design on the wall above your bed or opt for a stand-alone headboard instead.


Image: Ilya Ilyukhin


Rustic Vintage

Rejuvenate an old headboard with a fresh coat of paint and an upholstered cushion for extra comfort. Apply a few paints of white chalk paint, or another shade of your choice, to the headboard and sand it down once dry for the perfect rustic vintage look.


Image: Annie Spratt


Luxurious Leather

Consider inviting a large wooden framed, textured headboard that makes a statement into your bedroom. Other lavish materials such as silk and velvet just might work and bring a sense of luxury and opulence into your bedroom.


Image: Ialicante Mediterranean Homes


Classic Antique

Here is an excuse to go on an antique excursion. A headboard with a golden frame or dramatic and majestic carved designs will add some personality and character to your bedroom.


Image: Ali Inay


Featured Image: Annie Pratt