5 Local Kitchen Designs We Love

From the warm glow of consciously placed light to the sleek and luxurious surfaces and vibrant colours added to simple yet classic canvases, there are many factors that contribute to designing the perfect kitchen space.

Like other spaces in the home, the kitchen has become vital to the overall home décor. It also functions as part of the entertainment area and a space to spend time with your family. Home Décor Interiors is a vibrant design company that specialises in kitchen, bathroom and bedroom renovations. Check out 5 of their incredible kitchen finishes below.


The Chandelier

The fitted lights and the chandelier add different levels of lighting to this kitchen giving a warm and open feel.

Pendant Lights

The intricately designed pendant light adds character and a warm glow that we love to this kitchen interior.

A Touch of Colour

The blue tile breaks the sleek white décor in this kitchen. Adding colour to your kitchen with tile or accessories is a trending décor statement.

Magnificent Marble

Elegant, sleek and reliable, marble countertops paired with smooth surfaces create a kitchen with an aesthetic that you will be proud to entertain in.

Smart Storage

When working with a small space, smart storage options are vital. We love these cabinets with concealed handles, they add a sleek and modern touch to the kitchen.

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Featured Image: Aaron Huber  Unsplash