A story to tell

Unique bookshelf ideas that double up as great storage and décor pieces for your home

Less is always more

Minimalism is a tool for prioritising what you want most in life and letting space breathe

African Simplicity

A considered and eco-conscious home north of Joburg is part family legacy, part travel story and fully inviting

Modern Living Room Ideas

Proving you don't need to have a home built in the last century or be slavish to a palette of pale colours to have a modern living room

An Oasis in a basket

Create a breathable, comfortable and luxurious atmosphere in your home by decorating with indoor plants

Living walls, a fresh decorative trend

A vertical, living tapestry has the power to clear the mind, lower the blood pressure and transport you to a place of delight. Adrian Higgins talks on achieving this

How to de-clutter your kitchen

On some occasions less is more. Here are a few tips to help you de-clutter your kitchen and create an open and creative space to prep exciting gourmet meals
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