Décor Solutions For A Small Living Room


If you live in a chic tiny cottage, a townhouse or an apartment in the city, it is almost guaranteed that the living room space will be limited. Here are five décor solutions for you to try out that will maximise the space of a tiny living room.


The innovative use of flooring as a design element can open up the room and create the illusion of space. Consider using tiled or vinyl flooring with intricate geometric patterns and vibrant colours or perhaps simple and elegant rich wood, that exudes a vast sense of luxury.

Bold Rugs

Light shades like white or beige, that blend in with walls and ceiling, or rugs with bright and bold designs can add character and depth to the centre of a narrow living room. A bold rug can also ground the look of the room by drawing in the eye and accentuating surrounding furnishings.


The smart use of lighting creates an illusion of space. A few great ways to expand the space of a narrow living room is to make use of LED lights, ‘layer’ the lighting accessories around the room or consider installing large/high windows that will bring natural light into the room.

Vibrant Accessories

Working brightly coloured accessories and décor items into a small living room space will immediately draw the viewers attention away from the narrow size of the living area. Make bright coloured cushions, a mounted television or a designer mirror on the wall the focal point.

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Lavish Furnishings

Furniture pieces created with velvet, leather or marble exude opulence. Furnishing a small space with eye grabbing focal points like a leather sofa or chair, or adding a marble side table to the room will create the illusion of a bigger space.

Featured Image: Naomi Hébert, Unsplash