Modern Architecture

To give you tips and ideas on how to fulfil your décor and design fantasies for your home, we at Condé Nast House and Garden spoke to Devilliers Du Toit Architects. Since 2011, the relatively young Gauteng based practice has created elegant and timeless homes that give their clients a respite from hurried, modern lifestyles.

Located in Southdowns Estate, Centurion Devilliers Du Toit and his team designed House G for a young family on a constrained stand surrounded by other houses. Devilliers shared that he designed the house in a U-shape with most of the rooms opening up into a private courtyard.

‘Because the house could not be oriented ideally north, I made use of high volumes and gable windows to bring in natural light deep into the spaces.  The aesthetic of the estate is based on a down to earth farm style. We have therefore used materials such as corrugated iron cladding on the garage to evoke the idea of a shed and flush jointed selected stock bricks and local Irene stone, to create a more rustic effect.’



The architect’s client is a pilot who currently works in Hong Kong while his family resides in the home permanently.

‘We drew inspiration for the design of the home from the farm buildings on the Irene Dairy Farm which is located in the vicinity.  The down to earth aesthetic of the farm buildings is reflected in the use of materials. I did not design the interior other than setting the scene for the owners to express themselves with the furnishings.’



In terms of construction, Devilliers shared that the process ran rather smoothly.

‘The biggest obstacle to overcome was the detailing of one of the roofs which could not work as I had planned.  Luckily the owner, builder, engineer and I were able to find a solution which allowed us to make use of high volumes and gable windows to bring in natural light deep into the spaces. The end product is more than I imagined it to be.  I am very happy with the end result.’

Photography: Malan Kotzé