Stylish Armchairs

Armchairs that ooze style, are finished with sophistication and designed to be ensconced in.

Scandinavian Style Raw Oak Chair

Scandi-chair-LIM furniture

Clean lines, neat finishes. Nothing speaks sophistication like Scandi-inspired furniture. Shop

Cassina ‘Utrecht’ Armchair from A+I Unlimited

Cassina_Utrecht Armchair 2

This armchair and curved sofa with steel supporting frame offers edgy style to an otherwise glum space. Choose it in a variety of fabrics to better suit your scheme. Shop

‘Henning’ Lounge Chair


Masculine and versatile, straight edges with a muted fabric in a typically Mid-century style suits both a contemporary or retro-inspired home. Shop

Generation ‘Tondo’ Armchair 


Classic shapes add formal gravitas. Achieve a spacious feel in your home with a neutral balance of structure and tranquility. Shop

‘Helsinki’ Chair and Footstool


Available in a variety of fabrics, the captivating shape and polished style of the ‘Helsinki’ chair makes a strong statement. Shop