5 Statement Rugs

Five exciting rug designs that help transform a room…

Designer Emma Elizabeth created a stunning collection called ‘Natural Progression’ consisting of three designs; Plumage, Medusa and Pisces. They can be customised into either a square, rectangle, circle and triangular rug.




It was this idea of customisation of shape and colour that inspired Emma Elizabeth to delve into conceptual textile design, looking at that there are three phases to natural progression in general; low, equilibrium and high. These phases inspired her to consider these phases in nature to reveal her ‘animal instinctive creative concept’.

The Kaleidoscope collection is described as bringing ‘together texture, vibrant colours, edgy repetition of patterns and geometric shapes.’ The designs can be custom made to any colour or size, including hall runners, circular rugs, inlay, and seamless wall to wall carpet. Hemingway, designed by Christine McDonald under the Kaleidoscope collection, is described as being ‘Inspired by the pleasure of entering an old book store; the smell of the pages and all those book spines sitting pretty on the shelves.’ 

Kaleidoscope collection

Daniel Malik, a 3rd year Architecture Student from Sydney, Australia created this extraordinary illusion rug ‘Black Hole’. A 3D model of an actual hole with a checkered pattern was created. Then a camera took an image from an average persons height of the 3D hole. This image was then stretched to a perfect sphere and printed out onto the rug. When viewed from the same position of the original camera image the 2D pattern on the rug transforms into a 3 dimensional ‘Black Hole.’

Daniel Malik’s ‘Black Hole’

Visit designerrugs.com.au for more inspiration.