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A Well-Curated Life

Jo’burg-based writer and entrepreneur Kojo Baffoe has a keen eye for art, design and culture

By Piet Smedy | July 27, 2017 | Category Design

A professional ‘jack of all trades’, Kojo Baffoe is an entrepreneur, writer, content architect and speaker. The Jo’burg-based writer and entrepreneur has a keen eye for art, design and culture, and shares with us some of his favourite things.

1. My trademark accessory? That would have to be my collection of skull rings. 2. The most iconic piece of furniture is… The chair. Recently, I met with British chair designer Yinka Ilori, who talked about how oblivious we are to chairs, even though they’re such a vital part of our daily lives. There isn’t a piece of design more functional and elegant in its composition than the humble chair. 3. This winter you’ll spot me in… Pedro Portia Champagne and Cigar Lounge in Johannesburg. They have a well-stocked humidor – I have a particular affinity for cigars – the menu is tightly edited and the bar is nothing short of impressive. Also, it never gets too rowdy. 4. Who always gets it right? American pop artist KAWS. I’m obsessed with his sculptures. 5. If I were a piece of furniture… I’d be the ‘195 Naan’ dining-room table by Cassina. Beautifully simple in its design yet deceptively strong. 6. The young artist everyone should keep an eye on is… Ghanaian Serge Attukwei Clottey and his ‘Afrogallonism’, which uses yellow gallon containers to promote political discourse. His work is rooted in Africa while carving a space for itself in a modern world. 7. The most inspiring designer is… Shaldon Kopman. He is a friend of mine and I find that his designs fit my aesthetic perfectly. 8. The best exhibition I’ve recently visited? Sanell Aggenbach at WhatIfTheWorld gallery in Rosebank. The brass sculpture titled Pieta was a showstopper. 9. South Africa’s best-kept secret is… Tsitsikamma National Park, in particular, Storms River Mouth Rest Camp. I don’t know if it’s a secret but it is beautiful.

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Chairs by British chair designer Yinka Ilori

Pedro Portia Champagne and Cigar Lounge

American pop artist KAWS

‘195 Naan’ by Cassina

Ghanaian artist Serge Attukwei Clottey

Haldon Kopman

Sanell Aggenbach

Storms River Mouth Rest Camp

Featured image Shaun Mallett

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