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Colour Collab

Robin Sprong Wallpaper has teamed up with three unique designers for its new wallpaper ranges

By Lisa Wallace | May 10, 2017 | Category Design

Robin Sprong Wallpaper, a Cape Town-based surface design company, specialises in creating incredible imagery and carefully considered designs for interiors. From sourcing to consulting to tailoring imagery specifically for your space, not to mention on-site installation, it’s the company for classic, creative or unusual designs.

Recently, founder Robin Sprong and designer Nadia du Plessis collaborated with three designers, each distinctive in their own way, to create the new collections. Nadia talks to H&G about the creative collab.

1. First and foremost, what prompted this collab? These collaborations definitely had something to do with each designer’s unique style and aesthetic. As artist manager, it can be rather challenging to find designers/artists that produce work that is equally sellable as it is visually appealing. Each of these ranges definitely ticked all the boxes and we were more than excited to get them onboard.

2. Why did you choose these designers specifically? We specifically selected these three designers – Paula Pappenheim, Sarah Corynen and Patricia Braune – to collaborate with. All three of their styles are so unique and out there. We are in love with Sarah’s bold use of colour and whimsical illustrations, Paula’s super sophisticated use of lines and geometry and Patricia’s ever so sweet and feminine pattern designs.

3. What was the creative brief or guideline? We do not really brief designers as we encourage them to come up with wallpaper that is unique and true to who they are as designers (after all, we did contact them to bring their own unique style to the RSW table). We do however guide our artists through the whole process of putting a range together. From creating different colour ways all the way through to selecting the scale at which each repeat should be.

4. Are these now available to the public? Patricia Bruane’s designs are already online and for sale with both Sarah and Paula’s being published online at the end of May.

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Paula Pappenheim (of own Madrid-based label Pappenpop)

Sarah Corynen

Patricia Braune

Featured image Carmine Bee Eater by Patricia Braune

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