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Colour-Tinted Mirrors May Be the Key to Happiness

Because everything appears better with a filter

By Sydney Wasserman | November 15, 2018 | Category Design

By Sydney Wasserman, AD Clever

Humankind’s love affair with tinted filters may have started with sepia prints back in the 19th century, but it has only gotten deeper and stronger over time.

In modern times, we wear sunglasses with translucent coloured lenses, and can’t help but “throw a filter” on every social image we post. There’s something satisfying and calming about seeing the world awash in a uniform hue, so why not bring that warm fuzzy feeling into your home?

You could get funky with coloured Plexiglas partitions if space allows (peep this pink interior window!), or you can just hang a colour-tinted mirror.


Image: Color-tinted mirrors by designer Sabine Marcelis hang in a special installation for Etage Projects that we would happily live in. Studio Vedet/ Giulia Piermartiri

The ones we’re spotting come in tones like a rosy gold or iridescent lavender that are so flattering, you’ll never go back to a regular mirror again.

Think of those Snapchat filters that give you a pinkish highlight as if you had a halo above your head or a sun-kissed tan that can only be replicated in the glow of a sunset. That’s the effect of a colour-tinted mirror. And is there anything wrong with seeing yourself in a slightly better (albeit completely fabricated) light before you leave the house each morning?

Hell, no. Best of all, a coloured mirror functions not only as a reflective surface to make your space seem larger like a traditional mirror, but also as a work of art—a piece of visual interest that stands out in a good way. Some even come in funky shapes like the lightning mirrors spotted in Poppy Delevigne’s London home! (shop them below) Ready to upgrade? Here are our favourite coloured mirrors out there:

Image: SHOP NOW: Round tinted mirror by Blomus, $42, Photo by Bobbi Lin/Food52

Image: Image: SHOP NOW: Stand Off mirror by Fort Standard, e-mail [email protected] for price, Photo by Brian W. Ferry

Image: SHOP NOW: Lightning mirror by Bride & Wolf, $275, Photo courtesy of Kinder Modern

Image: SHOP NOW: Circum mirrors by AYTM, from $325, Photo courtesy of Coming Soon

Image: SHOP NOW: Large framed rose mirror by Muuto, $543, Photo courtesy of Finnish Design Shop

Image: SHOP NOW: Seeing Glass big mirror by Sabine Marcelis and Brit Van Nerven, $5,250, Photo courtesy of Matter Matters

Image: SHOP NOW: Derrington mirror in copper by Anthropologie, $298, Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

Image: SHOP NOW: Half-Circle mirror by Bower, $1,625, Photo courtesy of Work Of

Featured Image: Pexels